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Plastic full cone nozzle

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Plastic full cone nozzle

Plastic full cone nozzle
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Plastic full cone nozzle

Design feature:

Spray shape is a solid cone shape, with general solid cone nozzle also spray effect.

The nozzle head is equipped with outer screw thread, thread specification and the inlet to a nozzle of the same thread.


1.Metal assembly phosphate

2.Car wetting test

3.High pressure cleaning Printed circuit board  chemical cleaning

4.Silver plating in lens making artwork

5.Net roller cleaning in paper mill

6.Drinking bottle cleaning in grocery industry

7.Wiping off SO2

8.Controlling of NOx

9.Cooling air in pipe and tower

10.Cooling in steelmaking and casting

11.Cleaning exhaust gas

12.Quenching and cooling

13.Fireproofing and fire putting out

14.Dust removing and controlling

15.Destroying pickle


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