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Shanghai Xinhou Spraying & Purification Equipment Co.,Limited. is a factory established in 2004 and engaged in industrial nozzle for many years. Our people have rich professional experience, which can provide you reliable technical support. We have been dedicating ourselves to improvement of quality. In home market we have customers all over the country. Among them, the most prominent case is our supply for automobile mill, like Volkswagen, Audi and Bens, and quality are approved by them. Based on our refined quality, we had the confidence to starting selling overseas. Up to now, we have customers all over the world,like Europe, America, Middle east, Asia,etc.

Our products --- Industrial nozzle.
Nozzles are classified according to the following characters
1,  According to material:Metal nozzle; Plastic nozzle.
2, According to structure: Adjustable ball nozzle; Air blowing nozzle;Spiral nozzle; Quick release nozzle; Mixed flow nozzle; Fine atomizing nozzle; One-piece nozzle.
3,  According to shape of spray: Fan nozzle;Full cone nozzle; Hollow cone nozzle; Liquid column nozzle.
4,  According to purpose:Cleaning nozzle; Bottles washing nozzle; Humidification nozzle; Dedusting nozzle; Spray drying nozzle; Spray coating nozzle; Strong cold shower nozzle; strong hot shower nozzle.
5,  Application range: Coating; Electronics; Automobile; Food; Steel; Chemical industry; Paper making; Environmental protection.
6, Fittings: Pipe holding clamp; camlock coupling, etc.

Our Belief --- We well understand the words '' Responsibility''. It can be the realization of personal value. And for a company, responsibility can lead it to excellence and perfection.

Our qualityM --- We count quality as the lifeblood of a company. We carry out inspection of every step strictly from purchasing the raw material, producing process to finished products. Furthermore, We carry out quality idea into aspect in delivery and service, never stop improving our quality of products and service. In homeland, our quality has been accepted by high end users, like Volkswagen, Audi and Bens. Also our products are welcome overseas now.

Our Commitment --- We promise you reliable quality, lasting sincerity. We can be your dependable supplier as well as a trustable friend.

Tel:86-21-39281563E-mail:emily@shxinhou.comAdd: Building A,No.375 Shuanglian road,Xujing town,Qingpu area,Shanghai